“Kriya yoga is in itself a means. It is designed to illuminate and flood the understanding of the practitioner so that you remove all misconceptions, clean the mind and re-identify yourself with the deeper nature.” ~ Swami Satyananda Saraswati

In this current age, with the fast pace of life and constant demands on our time, we require potent techniques that can unhook us from our unconscious momentum and deliver us to peace, connection and inner stability.

The Yogic practices of Kriya offer a methodology that does just that: through provoking somatic experience, releasing old attachments, strengthening the nervous system, shifting mental patterns and expanding awareness.

Kriyas have been passed down through the generations from master to student; these are precise formulas, that when applied in the correct way can create lasting transformation and ultimately lead to self-realization.

This immersion is for all of you wanting to learn tried and tested techniques that help you to move through blocks, promote physical and emotional healing and give you access to your higher mind and potential.

This 12-day journey offers 6 days on the study of the science and application of kriya and a 6 days of learning how to bring higher awareness and skillful action into every area of your life. Pulling from the practices of kriya from a few yogic traditions and the teachings of the Bhagavad Gita.

For those of you wanting to take your practice and teaching to the next level of understanding and experience please join us for this in-depth exploration of kriya and the cultivation of awareness. Learn why these practices offer the perfect antidote to these times. Gather resources to use in your own life and to share with others.

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  • Explore the science and application of kriya, including the role of asana, breath, mantra, mudra, dynamic movement, connection to energy flow and entering a ‘state of kriya.’
  • Kriya as a powerful tool for self-study and meditative attunement, which induces a direct perception or insight into the nature of consciousness, the pattern of your mind and of life itself.
  • Understand why these kriyas are effective, when and why to use them, who they are appropriate for, and effective ways to incorporate them into your life and classes.
  • Using Yogic Philosophy from the Bhagavad Gita to cultivate skillful action and greater effectiveness in all that you are doing.
  • Increasing Awareness and Leadership through SEVA.
  • Explore key concepts from Yogic philosophy relating to the following principles: contributing to the joy and fulfillment of others, living a spiritual life with awareness of the totality, practicing meditation and right living.

This immersion is suitable for anyone with an earnest desire to learn and apply the teachings of yoga in all areas of life. It can be taken for personal development, or as 120 hrs toward the RBY 300 HR Teacher Training.

This is a Yoga Alliance Certified course.

Part 1

Kriya, Flow, & the Art of Teaching

All of us have potential which is beyond our wildest dreams, but much of this remains untapped, we exist at a certain level of awareness, perhaps sensing that something is missing, but not knowing quite what. The yogic practice of kriya is designed to awaken us out of our slumber so we can flower into our highest potential.

The term Kriya comes from the root of the Sanskrit word literally meaning ‘to do.’ Kriya often refers to a completed action that achieves a specific result and involves work with the body, energy, and mind simultaneously. To act with Kriya, the action is aligned with the higher self. In Kundalini Yoga, a kriya is a sequence of postures, breath, and sound that are integrated together to allow the manifestation of a particular energetic and mental state.

When we practice kriya we open to deep levels of presence and relaxation. The parts seamlessly flow into an experience of the whole. Both teacher and students enter a new level of concentration and openness. We develop a state of greater health, peace of mind, and mental stability. We open to a state of intellectual clarity, higher spiritual knowledge and awareness, a state where one is both useful to themselves, and to mankind.

Kriya, Flow, & the Art of Teaching Course Goals

  • Understand the structure and mechanism of Kriya
  • Explore a variety of kriyas and their purpose
  • Explore the relationship of kriya, student, teacher and underlying Truth
  • Discover kriya and the subtle energy of the chakras
  • Cultivate a state of kriya and teach from that place
  • Use kriya as a practice to consciously encounter your ego and habits
  • Understand the shadow and ways to stay alert to your tendencies
  • Explore practices, meditations, and exercises for developing more authenticity and wholeness as a teacher
  • Understand teacher as a guide to the ONE in many
  • Apply the ideas and principles of kriya and flow into our own practice, life, and teaching
  • Cultivate the bliss that comes from lived integrity, and living with a full heart and full self

Part 2

Awareness & Lifestyle

All of us have the potential to be leaders of our own self. We have the capacity for altruistic love, wholeness, and harmony. What stands in our way are our limited beliefs, our habits, our years of conditioned behavior, a dullness of mind and spirit. We are actually living to just a fraction of what is possible.

Yoga is about a union between self and the infinite. It holds a promise to take us into the fullest life we can have through the cultivation of awareness: the ability to stand back and to observe one’s mental and physical activities from a neutral space. Kundalini energy is the expression of full awareness, of our awakened inner identity. What we are awakening to is the resonance between ourselves and all of creation.

We each have the ability to create a huge impact. We are leading and teaching with every action. As we grow in awareness we shed skins like a snake. We gain new perspectives, cultivate supportive habits and expand in our ability to perceive the underlying Truth of each situation. We become more aligned with our inner guidance and a sense of the sacred.

Awareness & Lifestyle Course Goals

  • Increase awareness of self in relation to inner patterns, habits, relationships and work at large
  • Develop knowledge, skills, and perspectives to effectively take your yoga off the mat and into the world
  • Explore powerful practices to move through blocks and increase awareness, presence, and magnetism
  • Refine your natural leadership qualities – aligning values and actions
  • Identify your commitments and passions. Define your mission statement – What you are teaching and modeling for others
  • Apply a newfound awareness to your practice, lifestyle, conscious actions, teaching and ability to positively impact others

Themes Covered in This Module

  • Understand your habits -supportive, promoting and demoting. Consciously create positive habits that align with your heart and service in the world
  • Explore the principles of Living it, loving it, and leading it
  • LIVING IT: Living with Authenticity – explore your own moral code: beliefs, values, and purpose in behavior to self and others
  • LOVING IT: Identify your commitments and passions. Define or refine your mission statement – Where do you want to make a difference
  • LEADING IT: Refine your natural leadership qualities. Making an impact: off the mat and into the world. Balance between individual responsibility and community
  • INCREASING AWARENESS: Awaken greater awareness through the practice of specific kriyas, pranayama, and meditations
  • Explore our ability to create an impact through development of personal presence
  • Sadhana – Cultivating discipline around what your awareness has awakened

How to Enroll

To receive the early bird discount, payment in full must be received by June 22.

Price for this training does not include accommodation and food. Please make arrangements through the Himalayan Institute.  Approximately $95/day for a shared room. 

After you pay, you will receive a link to the teacher training application form. You must complete this form to be accepted into the training. If for some reason Kia does not approve your application, you will receive a refund.


Do I have to be a teacher to attend these training modules?

No, you do not have to be a teacher. Everyone is welcome. These modules are designed to deepen your experience of yoga as a practitioner, to develop your radiance and presence as a human being, and to provide more tools for sharing the practice with others.
There will be suggested reading for each program that will support the material covered.

Can I apply a 200-Hr from another school of yoga?

We will accept all applicants of registered Yoga Alliance 200-Hr trainings. We carefully select our teachers in training so that they are prepared for the curriculum. Depending on the nature of the yoga school you attended you may be given extra study to do in order to be up to speed with the material covered in these modules.

What are the prerequisites for attending this training?

If you are doing this to deepen your understanding and practice of yoga you must have a regular asana practice, a thirst to know more, and a commitment to do the work entailed. If you are doing this as a 300-hr certification you need to hold a 200-hr certificate.

If I have no intention of teaching, how will I benefit?

Any serious practitioner of yoga can benefit immensely from taking these modules. They offer a deeper look at the subtle and transformational practices of yoga like pranayama, meditation, kriya, kundalini, lifestyle and leadership choices. You will develop the capacity and commitment to integrate these teachings into your own practice and life. You will have an opportunity to connect to yourself at a deeper level, to evaluate what is important to you, to build your radiance and projection through embodying the practices, and develop your ability to positively impact others.

How will I know if I am accepted into the program?

Within two weeks of filling out your application you will hear back from us.

How long will it take to complete the RBY 300-Hr modules?

You can complete the program at your own pace and based on your particular interests. The modules are offered in various locations every 12-18 months. It is recommended that you space them out to allow for full integration of the materials covered.


To reserve your space at the Himalayan Institute, call (800) 822-4547 ext. 22, Daily 9:00 a.m.-5:00 p.m. EST

The minimalist design creates a sense of peace, allowing you to let go of the busyness of your daily life. Here, your mind can be free from distractions as you enjoy the beautiful and peaceful surroundings that the Retreat Center has to offer.

The total cost of your stay consists of the cost of accommodations, mandatory meal plan fee of $30 per day/pp (not included in room rate), and program tuition where applicable. Full payment is required at time of registration and can be made with VISA, MasterCard, American Express, or Discover.

Our nutritionally balanced vegetarian meals are freshly prepared by our kitchen staff and served with homemade whole-wheat bread and homemade gluten-free bread.

As much as possible, we try to provide special diet options, although we may not be able to meet all dietary requests.

What others are saying about training with Kia!

I signed up to Kia's training because I wanted to learn from a teacher that will equip me to teach in these modern times. Kia's understanding and passion for yoga coupled with an extensive and well structured course has changed my life and elevated me to new heights. Kia is such a warm and beautiful human being, you are in such safe hands for your education and personal growth. I proudly call her my teacher and wholeheartedly encourage any budding yogi with a desire to teach, to take their practice to the next level and their personal growth to the next level to take the opportunity. It has been and will continue to be the most prolific turning point in my life. I respect Kia for her ability to raise her student's consciousness bringing Light to the darkness and returning us to the Radiant Souls we are.


Kia’s style of teaching led me to my edge and encouraged me to stay there. Her philosophical, spiritual knowledge was the unexpected gem for me during the training. I’m 41 years old and Kia has set me on a life-changing path of rejuvenation of my body and spirit which I hope I can turn into inspiration for others.

Teresa Desmond

Kia has an incredible knowledge of the yoga asanas, but more impressive is her understanding of the spiritual side of yoga. She has the capacity to bring students out of their heads and into the studio with ease.

Victoria Theisen

Kia has an amazing spirit, you can feel her deep knowledge, enthusiasm and love for yoga. I was always looking forward to her classes and especially her Pranayama and Meditation sessions, it was a joy following her voice. She explains complex themes like philosophy with ease, love and joy. She is inspiring and full of warmth. You can see her wonderful bright spirit shine through her amazing smile!


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