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The RBY 200 HR equips you to teach with the technical precision of Ashtanga and lyengar and the subtle dimensions of Kundalini. Learn intelligent, safe vinyasa sequencing, the science and practice of kriya, essential and powerful pranayama techniques, the power of mantra, yogic anatomy, philosophy, mediation and so much more. Discover the capacity of a personal sadhana to help you mature and refine a clear authentic sense of self.


  • Become a highly-skilled yoga teacher
  • Learn the RBY orientation toward healing and personal transformation
  • Empower yourself with a toolbox of practices to meet any of life’s challenges
  • Develop your unique voice, strengths and capacity to hold space for others.
  • You will be equipped to teach anyone, anywhere, with a vast range of yogic practices that will help you to serve the needs of your students and community.
  • Learn key skills to build a thriving yoga career.
  • Receive a 200-HR Yoga Alliance Certificate

Come and initiate an effortless flow of wisdom, so that teaching becomes not so much a simple regurgitation of what has been learned, but a sharing from your own experience and inner place of connection and peace.


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Oct 22, 2021 - Dec 20, 2021

The RBY 200 HR equips you to teach with the technical precision of Ashtanga and lyengar and the subtle dimensions of Kundalini. Learn intelligent, safe vinyasa sequencing, the science and practice of kriya, essential and powerful pranayama techniques, the power of mantra, yogic anatomy, philosophy, mediation and so much more. Discover the capacity of a personal sadhana to help you mature and refine a clear authentic sense of self.

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Due to the ongoing global pandemic, we are once again offering the Radiant Body Yoga 200-HR online. We found the online format to be SO POWERFUL in our 2020 training as a community of yogis from around the world came together to study and blossom into authentic and gifted teachers. Strong friendships were formed, and huge personal transformations occurred as each person embraced their own inner development as an integral part of embodying the seat of the teacher.

This year, expect an even more potent experience as we implement all we learned last year, making your learning experience the best it can be.

This is going to be an INCLUSIVE and EXCITING adventure for all those of you who have been feeling the urge to take your practice, knowledge, and experience to the next level.

We are curating the curriculum in such a way that you will receive:

  • A world class training delivered in the comfort of your home!
  • A teacher training portal with recorded videos to watch at your leisure and to go back to over and again.
  • LIVE zoom sessions with Kia that will include lectures, yoga classes, interactive workshops, and Q&A sessions. There sessions are also recorded & available within the portal if you miss them live.
  • Additional teachings on trauma-based practices and inclusivity with Nikki Myers & Yoga for Recovery with Tommy Rosen.
  • Weekly small group support and practice teaching sessions from excellent RBY Certified Trainers.
  • Private Community Portal to foster friendships with fellow participants from all over the world!
  • On-going access to ALL the course work for 6 months after the last day of the training.

This training is for you if:

  • You have always wanted to do a training with Kia but were unable to attend.
  • You are interested in the Radiant Body Yoga integrated approach which includes Hatha, Vinyasa, Kundalini, Kriya, Pranayama -powerful breathwork, Mantra, Yoga Nidra and Meditation.
  • You desire to immerse yourself in a rich transformative study of yoga.
  • You want to teach a holistic, effective, and approachable system of yoga.
  • You desire to be a powerful and authentic teacher backed by lineage, wisdom, and experience. This training shares the potent practices within Yoga that work swiftly to dissolve blocks, expand awareness, and develop a clear intuitive mind. From this elevated consciousness you can skillfully overcome challenges and address the needs of this time.

The main body of the LIVE teachings are shared in four 5-day sessions. These days include 6 hours of deep immersive study. We require that you show up for approximately half of the live sessions. Sessions missed can be watched in your own time. We have scheduled the modules so that there is plenty of time in-between to watch any sessions you missed. Please know that we accommodate different time zones and will allow you to adapt your schedule to meet your needs.


Each day of the training includes 6 hours of immersive study which is a combination of pre-recorded, LIVE, and interactive sessions.

Each Day includes:
1 HR Sadhana (6am your time – pre-recorded).
2 HR Morning Session (9am – 12pm PST) includes lecture and 2HR class.
3 HR Afternoon Session (3.30 – 5.30pm PST) workshop.

OCT 23- 27 (6 hrs study / day)

OCT 29 (2 Hours LIVE Philosophy)

OCT 30– NOV 3 (6 hrs study / day)

NOV 5 (2 Hours LIVE Philosophy)

NOV 6 – 7 (Practice Teach with small group)

NOV 13- 17 (6 hours study / day)

NOV 20 – 21 (Practice Teach with small group)

NOV 23 (2 Hours LIVE Philosophy, 1-hour small group meeting)

NOV 27 – DEC 1 (6 hours study / day)

DEC 3 (2 Hours LIVE Philosophy, 1-hour small group meeting)

DEC 4-5 (Teaching practicums with small group)

LIVE SCHEDULE is SUBJECT TO CHANGE – Some days there will be 5 HRS LIVE. Other days will have 1-2 HR LIVE in the morning and afternoon with all other materials being pre-recorded.
We will be sending you a detailed schedule before the training starts.Please note that you will be placed in a small group at the beginning of the training led by a RBY Mentor who is a senior RBY teacher. These groups are VITAL to the training. This is where you receive individual support, practice teach, and with whom you take your final practicum. It is required that you show up for all these meetings or make up those missed as directed by your mentor.


This 200-HR program provides a comprehensive understanding of the path of yoga, including all basic techniques, asana practice, ethics of yoga, western anatomy, sequencing, the 8-limbed path, pranayama, meditation, the subtle body, the art and science of teaching and philosophy. You will study all core yogic concepts and the Radiant Body orientation to practice that can meet a person on all levels of their being: Physical health, strength and openness, vitality, clarity of mind and spiritual connection.

Module 1

The Foundation of Yoga

The first 100-hour module teaches students the fundamental philosophies and practices of yoga. Students will systematically break down the asana practice to its basic elements, exploring western anatomy of the body, creative sequencing, and how to prevent and manage injury. Specific pranayama and meditation practices will be introduced along with an understanding of the Eight-Limbed Path of Yoga. Emphasis is on learning key teaching skills and techniques, and developing a Sadhana – a personal practice.

  • Exploration of asana, optimal alignment, use of props, risks and benefits
  • Western Anatomy – functional anatomy as it relates to yoga practice
  • Creating yoga sequences from beginners to advanced
  • Hands on adjustments
  • Injury prevention and management
  • Yogic history, philosophy and the 8 limbs of yoga
  • Introduction to pranayama and meditation
  • Sanskrit pronunciation

Module 2

The Subtle Body

The second 100-hour module teaches students the fundamental philosophies and subtle energy practices of yoga. Learn how to access and balance your creative source energy and methods to attain an elevated state of awareness. Course includes an in-depth study of the subtle body, kriyas, bhandas, mantra, philosophy and meditation. Explore practices and se-quencing from an energetic perspective and further develop your skills and voice as a teacher.

  • Chakras, koshas, prana vayus and nadis
  • Bhandas and Kundalini Shakti
  • Philosophy – The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali
  • Pranayama – Creating balance through the breath
  • Mantra – The power and science of chanting
  • Kriya and Energy sequencing principles – Generate/ Organize/ Deliver
  • Meditation – Functions of the mind and meditation practices
  • Ayurveda – The science of optimum health
  • Different types of Yoga – Restorative


Early Bird Pricing
$2,950 (July 1st – August 29th)
*Payment plans available during this registration window

Full Price
$3,200 (paid in full)
*Full payment required starting September 1st

Payment plan details:
Payment plans applicable to payments made between August 8th-August 29th. Payment plan is three payments of $1,070

Sign up early as space is limited.

The tuition is non-refundable, however we understand that unique circumstances arise, if you need to postpone the training, you may defer the funds to the next 200-hour training. It you choose to defer once the training has started there will be a $350 deferment fee.

Please note refunds are made in USD and we are not liable for changes in exchange rates or foreign transaction fees.

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