Kia Miller


Hi, I'm Kia Miller

A yoga teacher, writer, lover of life & founder of Radiant Body Yoga. My mission is to educate and inspire, to share techniques and experiences that help you to unlock your hidden potential and thrive in life.

I teach you how to use the yogic practices to awaken the unbounded, creative energy within. I help you create positive life rituals that support you in meeting the challenges of work, relationships, and family, with courage and grace. I empower you to go beyond your conditioned mind and experience the magnificence of pure being.

The practices of yoga span back thousands of years, with a tried and tested methodology which when implemented in the correct way brings about dramatic change inside and out. My teachings draw from this ancient tradition of Truth Seekers, the wisdom of my teachers, and my own direct experiences of awakening. I offer clear and precise practices delivered in approachable ways with scientific and peer-informed data reflecting much of the efficacy of the techniques.


I teach because the practices of yoga have positively transformed me at every level and thousands of my students echo the same.

A little more about me:

I was born and raised in the Falkland Islands, off the South East tip of Argentina where I lived on a farm, spending hours a day riding horses over vast acres of land. When I was 13 this tranquil life was interrupted by the Falklands Conflict. I experienced first-hand the tragedy and horror of war. This experience shaped my desire to live peacefully, to nurture kindness, and to support deeper connection on all levels.

In my desire to make a better world I became an activist when I moved to England. I lay in front of tanks, attended large anti-war rallies and poured my heart into resisting the ‘wrongs’ in the world.


A pivotal moment came when I realized that in order to create outer change we have to first change within.

I needed to seek out my own tendency for violence in thoughts, judgement, disconnection, jealously & victim behavior. I recognized that I needed to take a different tact, and this showed up for me in the form of yoga.

I first discovered yoga at 15, however in my late teens, early 20’s I took my practice to the next level and learned how to connect vs dissociate, and to use my breath to calm my mind. I quickly recognized that I felt better, had more energy and less anxiety when I practiced. I travelled the world at the time as a successful model and filmmaker. Yoga was my way to stay centered and nourished.

In the mid 90’s I arrived in LA and felt the wave of enthusiasm in the yoga world. I dove in wholeheartedly. I found Kundalini practices that rocked my world and awakened a new level of power and presence.

I studied with master teachers in the United States and India, I dedicated myself to practice and living the 8-Limbed path of yoga. I practiced every moment I could and soon began teaching.