200-Hour Teacher Training 2021


The RBY 200 HR equips you to teach with the technical precision of Ashtanga and lyengar and the subtle dimensions of Kundalini. Learn intelligent, safe vinyasa sequencing, the science and practice of kriya, essential and powerful pranayama techniques, the power of mantra, yogic anatomy, philosophy, mediation and so much more. Discover the capacity of a personal sadhana to help you mature and refine a clear authentic sense of self.

Awareness & Lifestyle, Cultivating Self-Mastery


This 60-hour course, designed to help you develop effectiveness in every area of life, is for yogis interested in leadership, self-mastery and skill in action.

You will learn and experience powerful practices coupled with timeless wisdom teachings to in-crease awareness and step into your next level of mastery.

You will also develop and maintain a personal sadhana practice designed for your needs at this moment in your life. This practice can form the cornerstone of an extraordinary life.


Kundalini & The Radiant Body

Rishikesh, India

Step away from life as you know it and join Kia Miller for a special practice driven immersion in the foothills of the Himalayas, the birthplace of yoga. Access deeper levels of connection and wisdom, facilitated by specific Kundalini kriyas, pranayama and meditations.