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A teacher is a guide to the one in all

The 300 HR Advanced Training includes a deeper look at the subtler aspects within the practice of yoga. It is designed to take your practice and teaching to new levels of effectiveness and power. The training is offered in six modules: Five 6-day immersions of 60 HRs and one 10-day immersion of 100 HRs. Students can elect to take any of the modules in any order to deepen their knowledge in the areas of interest to them. These modules are open to any earnest student with a sincere desire to learn and grow.

For those interested in the 300 HR Yoga Alliance Certification you can choose to take any five of these modules, and if one desires one can take all six.

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Each module is experiential, hands-on, and in-depth. Direct experience is emphasized as a pathway to Truth and Wisdom. You will learn time-tested tools that when applied with courage, fearlessness and dedication reveal states of true freedom and higher awareness. Come explore the deeper dimensions of what it means to be a teacher and to serve as torchbearers of light for the rest of the world.

Below you will find each of the six modules comprising the 300HR Training. Click on any of the modules for course details.


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