Welcome to RBY Academy

Be a light to yourself and all around you.

Radiant Body Yoga (RBY) is a world renowned, Yoga Alliance Registered school, which has its roots in the ancient Kundalini and Tantric traditions. The RBY practices are a perfect antidote to the stresses of modern living, offering a complete workout for the body, expansion and refinement of energy, purification of emotions, and cultivation of mental clarity and calm.

The RBY curriculum offers a comprehensive study of yoga helping you to thrive in all areas of your life: body, mind, relationships, work, play and service.

RBY serves practitioners and teachers at every level of experience. For the beginner it provides a complete picture and powerful pathway to personal development. For the seasoned practitioner it offers an advanced user’s manual for the mind body system.

Elements of RBY

The transformational POSSIBILITIES of Kundalini Yoga

The challenging and technical PRECISION of Ashtanga and lyengar Yoga

The POWER of Conscious Breath, Mantra and Meditation

The cultivation of AWARENESS and CONNECTION

The Radiant Body orientation toward HEALING and personal EVOLUTION


Join us to simply deepen your practice and experience of yoga, or to learn the skills of teaching, leading, holding space for others, and the business of yoga.

We invite you to become part of our community of thriving teachers and practitioners.

RBY is a lifestyle dedicated to helping
a person serious about self-inquiry and living
an extraordinary life.


Want to teach?

200 HR Teacher Training
Take our foundational 200-HR and learn all the fundamentals of yoga in a comprehensive and exciting format. Learn tools to deepen and expand your practice, live more skillfully, teach others, and to create a sustainable yoga business.
300 HR Teacher Training
Embark on the 300-HR Certification, taking at least 5 of the 6 modules. This offers a deep dive into the transformational and healing practices of yoga, and a guaranteed personal transformation and inner revolution. Take the modules at your pace, as they fit your schedule and life. There is no time limit on when they have to be all completed.
500 HR Teacher Training
Once you are RBY 500-HR certified you are invited to join the mentorship program with Kia. This is a one-year curriculum designed to support your continued sadhana practice, teaching skills, and brand development.
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Want to deepen your practice?

Not wanting to teach, but desire to immerse yourself in the teachings?

Take modules of the 300-HR that interest you as you feel inspired. This is a way to dip your toe into some of the most powerful practices within the yoga tradition in beautiful retreat environments. Gain personal growth and tools to move through the blocks and excel at life!