Negativity can become an energetic entity feeding off toxic thoughts and feelings, creating suffering and harm to self, to close relationships, and to your interaction with the world.

In negative thinking you hand over the present moment to complaints and conversations with people that never happen but continue to build deep layers of resentment and blame: If only they could see, would see, your opinion. If only they could see you are right. It doesn’t even matter if they do. 

What matters is that YOU can see the source of your own distress and recognize how you are perpetuating it by continually feeding negative thoughts.

If you are not feeding the entity of negativity, who are you? What is important to you? How do you want to walk through life? Where do you wish to place your attention?

Do you wish to continue to live in a world where you are a victim to this self-created entity? Or in a world where you take back your power and start to create anew from a place of greater truth, presence, kindness, and capacity to be vulnerable?

The magic of healing that can take place from this unburdened space is often unimaginable to the negative mind. However, if we are willing to walk this path of radical self-responsibility, and standing in our truth, with an open heart – moment by moment – we begin to weave a new web of possibility that is in alignment with our soul’s greater journey of evolution.

We did not come here to complain and blame. We came here to be extraordinary.

I understand first-hand how challenging it can be to pull out of the negative mind tendency. It is a natural function of the mind, to protect us, however it can create harm when fixated on blame, worry or fear. Once of the best practices is to use the power of breath to blow all the negative thoughts away! See below:

Make a cup of the hands, palms up, right palm on top of left in front of your heart center. Look down the nose with eyes slightly open to see the palms. Inhale through the nose drawing lightness of being into your body, exhale out through the mouth with slightly pursed lips so that you can feel your breath flow over your hands. As you exhale, exhale out all the negative thoughts.

Breathe in new possibilities. Breath out the old negative thoughts and energy. Continue for 10 minutes. To end inhale deeply, pause the breath and draw the navel point in. Concentrate on each vertebra all along the spine. Exhale and repeat 3-5 times.

Here are some simple short practices to support you: