In the words of my friend Saul David Raye, “There is no getting ready, there is just being ready. Are you ready?”  There is a lot of change coming down the pipe that is for sure.  Yogis, prophets, psychics, you name it, they all talk about this time of change that we are currently experiencing. Do you feel the shift? Nowadays I ask people how they are doing and I get one of two answers “busy” or “crazy busy!”  I fall into the latter often, and ask myself why? Why are we all so busy?

When I ask my teacher Guru Singh he talks about the expanding Universe and how time is being stretched – well that is one way to look at it!  Another way is to realize that time is a concept we have made up, at least the lack of it is. The beauty of yoga is that it teaches us to be in the present moment and when we are truly there, then past and future fade to the background and there is only this moment—now. The question then becomes what are we focusing on in the ‘now’?  To quote Van Jones’ recent post…

“Now is the time and we are the ones. We are in the midst of the ‘great shift’. We all know deep in our hearts that we are not here to destroy our mother earth or be at war with each other. This time has been written about in many ancient prophecies, we are in the midst of complete transformation. The courage we all need to find is inside the heart as well and the answers to what we need to do.  Now is the time and we are the ones.”

We are one people, one family, one future, one breath and one heart. The sages and sacred texts inform us that the power of life is in the heart as is our ability to see beyond the lens of separation, to the interconnectedness of all life.

We can see that action happening right now on Wall Street where people are using their present moment to express their dissatisfaction at how our economic system is being run and speaking out for peace and justice.  Seane Corn who recently attended the rally on Wall St has the following to say:

“Our intention for being here is to support with all the men, women , and children, who because of lack of opportunity, disappointment, dissatisfaction, and anger, are finally feeling the need to rally together as a community to exercise their first amendment right, Freedom of speech, as well as Freedom of Assembly. To speak to truth that is perpetually separating all Americans from happiness, health, and prosperity. What is happening out here is yoga because it is about connection, community, unity, love, truth, happiness. This is why we are here. To lend our voice. To show our support, and to show what we stand for not against. We stand for unity. We stand for opportunity. We stand for equality. We stand for love. The most important thing we need to remember is that this matters. You matter. We matter. All of us matter. It’s about 100% love, 100% unity, 100% peace, 100% of the time.”

Let us not leave it up to our neighbors. Let us commit daily to live in LOVE and be the change that it needed in order to bring a state of harmony and peace for all.  May we all wake up to the love that is inside us.

With Infinite blessings,