The web of love and light that connects us is enlivened as we feed it with energy. To do this we have to overcome our habitual state, dominated by often negative and worrisome thoughts and emotions. This habitual way of being is like the warm familiar cloak that veils possibility and keeps us in the ever repeating known. While the routine knowns of life can feel comfortable for a time, after a while we begin to stagnate and lose our zest for adventure, and to fear what we do not know.

The way to step out of this ever repeating past, to begin to evolve and awaken new potentials is twofold:

  • Embrace a willingness to change, and techniques that allows you to penetrate through your veiled perception to the inner expansive field of light. You can then learn to attune to a higher frequency, stabilize it in your consciousness and return to three-dimensional reality with the capacity to operate from a clearer and more connected place.
  • Surround yourself with conscious community. Being around others who are on a spiritual path, hearing stories of victory, getting inspired to move through old stories that do not serve your evolutionary potential.
Don’t wait. The time is now. Let us not waste this precious life in veiled perception, in limiting beliefs and behaviors. Let’s us embrace this moment and dedicate our life to evolution.

Who could we be as individuals and a society if we do this? What new solutions can we access that not only solve our current crisis but bring us into a whole new way of thriving that is in balance on all levels? This is possible and it begins with our commitment to wakefulness, to living in the light of love. We get there through practice! First on the mat to create the state, then out in the world with our eyes and heart wide open.

When it comes down to it, where we place our attention is what defines our experience in the moment. If we focus on worry, our experience becomes one of worry. If we focus on building a forcefield of love and connection then that becomes our experience.

I have also been working with Glo to put up more classes that act as a quick fix to shift your energy and set you up for a great day: