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FREE MASTERCLASS with Kia Miller! How to Access the Flow State 

June 26, 2021 @ 9:30 am - 10:30 am


Free Masterclass with Kia Miller!
How to Access the Flow State
Moving beyond limitations through the practices of yoga and kriya

Do you sense a level of excellence and mastery within you that you have not yet been able to access?

Overcoming resistance is part of this journey. Move through the resistance and enter the flow.

The human brain is wired for its own evolution; wired to experience altered states. From athletes, meditators, and those who perform at high levels we hear of the existence of a flow state. A state of being where an individual seems to transcend their own limitations and enter an energetic field of pure possibility.

This flow state is not limited. It is universally accessible for those who know how to reach it and who work to set up the conditions for it to take place.

For thousands of years the Sages have passed down teachings that are designed to help you to access this flow state. Using ancient kriyas (formulas of movement, breath & focus) that challenge you in unique ways, move you beyond your comfort level and awaken presence free from distraction, which leads to flow.

This 1-hour Masterclass is designed to empower you with an understanding of how to use kriya, breath, movement, focus and inner stillness to access a flow state.
Come learn strategies to bring the possibility of flow into your life every day so that it becomes your way of being. This state is not available for just a few. It is something anyone can experience and build upon.

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During this FREE masterclass you will learn:

 PLEASE NOTE: Everyone who wants to attend must register, and SPACE IS LIMITED!


June 26, 2021
9:30 am - 10:30 am
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