Online Mantra & The Yoga of Sound

The Science of Words and Vibration

“Mantra means anything that makes the mind steady. Whatever vibration makes the mind one-pointed and creates a sort of receptivity is a mantra”

– Sri Swami Satchidananda

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This 60-hour course offers an immersion into the science of mantra, sound and vibration. In Sanskrit, ‘man’ means mind and ‘trang’ means wave or projection. Mantra can be described as a creative projection of the mind through sound.

Yogis consider mantra to be a kind of master key that opens all locks and eliminates obstacles on the path to enlightenment.

Through incredible devotion, the ancient yogis used pure sound vibration as a means to access different states of consciousness and reality. Over time, they developed Naad Yoga, a practice based on sound vibration. They knew mantras to be energetic formulas that could improve one’s ability to focus within, transform consciousness and experience profound presence.

Many consider the practice of mantra to be the highest form of yoga. Though often missing from classes and trainings in the West, mantra is central to all yogic traditions.

In this course you will experience the teachings of yoga as seen through the lens of sound, word and vibration. We incorporate all elements of yoga practice – Asana, Kriya, Mudra and Meditation – all from a foundation of Naad Yoga. You will learn how to incorporate mantras into your practice and teaching. You will know firsthand the benefits that come from working with particular mantras as well as understand the meaning and effects of a wide array of mantras from several different traditions.

This course is for all serious practitioners and teachers who desire to better understand and experience the power of mantra and its place in the great yogic tradition.

“Mantra” commonly refers to a word or phrase often repeated for self- motivation, or to express one’s basic beliefs. In the path of yoga, mantras are seen as words of power that hold energy, intention, and the promise of transformation. Mantra and listening practices are central to all yogic traditions. In Sanskrit man means mind and trang refers to a wave or projection. Therefore mantra is often described as a creative projection of the mind through sound.

In this course, you will…

  • Deepen your understanding and practice of mantra
  • Explore the science of sound and Naad Yoga
  • Understand the structure of various mantras and what makes them effective
  • Explore the power of words, tone and underlying intention
  • Experience the different levels of listening and chanting
  • Experience a variety of mantras and discover their effect
  • Apply the practice of mantra in our life and classes


Anyone wanting to open up their voice and explore the power of sound.

Those wishing to understand the science behind mantra and to experience the the capacity of these ancient sounds to clear and focus the mind and orient the practitioner to-wards their inner truth.

Teachers at all levels will find that this course provides the necessary elements to support their personal and spiritual development and to increase their skill and effectiveness in working with students.

Anyone with a dedicated yoga practice and sincere desire to learn and grow is welcome.


Our Advanced Training modules can be adapted to your needs and time frame. Take them to simply deepen your practice, or as Continuing Education Credits or work towards your 300HR certificate as intensely or as gradually (up to 3 years) as it suits your schedule and skills.

Those seeking a 300HR Yoga Alliance registered certification must have a 200HR certificate with RBY or any other registered school and are required to take all 5 modules. There is no time limit. Once all modules are completed you will be able to register with Yoga Alliance at the RYT-500 level.

These 60-hour modules are open to all yoga students who are interested in further study even if they don’t intend to complete a 300HR certification (3 years of practice required).

Please Note: All 6 Radiant Body Yoga modules can be taken in any order as part of the Radiant Body Yoga 300HR Teacher Training or separately as desired.

This course is open to all serious practitioners and those wanting a 300HR certification.


  • Intro to Mantra and Naad Yoga
  • Mantra as a bridge to the inner world
  • Exploring correct pronunciation of sound and an exploration of the Sanskrit alphabet
  • Words – mundane and divine
  • The Science and application of mantra
  • The three levels of listening and four levels of speech
  • The relationship between sound and silence
  • Mantra as a tool to calm the mind and make it one-pointed
  • Different types of mantras and their purposes
  • How to make mantras effective
  • Effect of mantra on the physiology of the human body, energy, chakras, and human psyche.
  • Using mantra to develop a state of attention that allows space for meta-cognition, reflection and self-inquiry.
  • How to lead mantras with a group and different ways to use mantra in your class.
  • Creating a home mantra practice
  • Bhakti Yoga: The Ecstatic Chant of Kirtan




Morning session

Afternoon session

Course includes a 90-Day committed 31-minute Sadhana.


$1100 Full Tuition

All payments are final. No refunds except in case of personal emergency. Payment plans are available by special request, but payment must be received in full before the program starts. Please read more about our payment terms here.

“Kia’s style of teaching led me to my edge and encouraged me to stay there. Her philosophical, spiritual knowledge was the unexpected gem for me during the training. I’m 41 years old and Kia has set me on a life-changing path of rejuvenation of my body and spirit which I hope I can turn into inspiration for others.”

–Teresa Desmond

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