Stress is a learned behavior. It is not a part of our natural make-up. Fear is. When we feel fear, hormones are aroused that put us in fight or flight mode which creates a state of hyper focus making us ready for action. In you witness animals in the wild, after the danger has passed, they shake off the fear and return to normal. Since so much of the fear that we experience as humans is not actually related to anything in the here and now, it is harder for us to ‘shake off.’ Most of the ‘fear’ we experience is based on a future unknown. Fear of not getting what we want. Fear of losing what we have. Fear of not being liked. Fear of not being good enough etc. this kind of fear is pervasive and keeps the hormones of fight and flight flowing through our veins gradually corroding our sense of wellbeing, preventing us from resting in the present moment, and negatively influencing the body over time. There is an underlying anxiety, a feeling of not enough time, we rush, we are trying to get through this moment to the next.

I remember saying something to a teacher in India about ‘managing stress.’ He laughed and said ‘why is stress something we have to manage?’ who wants to manage stress?’ no, he said ‘we must release and move beyond stress.’

The body is not designed to withstand days, weeks, years of stress. This creates incoherence in the body, mind, and energy. This incoherence creates the conditions for dis-ease. A small amount of stress strengthens us, making us more resilient. Too much stress and our body systems start to slowly breakdown. Our mental agility gets interrupted. Our sense of self deteriorates.

If stress is part of your daily life, I invite you to investigate. Where is the underlying stress coming from? What are the aggravating elements in your life?

When stressed we pull energy from the electromagnetic field around us, which weakens it over time. This prevents us from accessing greater intelligence, and we start to feel like it is us against the world as we feel separate from life rather than connected.

Our creativity, our connection to intuition, and our capacity to feel contentment require that we can relax into the present moment and open our awareness to the environment within and all around us. What we think of as intelligence is not a mind thing, it is a whole integrated body, energy, mind experience that emerges when we are connected internally and to the field around us.

Scientists are starting to reveal what yogis have known for thousands of years. Our health is a direct reflection of our electromagnetic field. Distortion in the field and our physical /mental health suffers. Integrated, harmonious field and we show good health and balance.

A quick and easy way to call our mind present is to focus on our heart center or navel for just a few minutes. This immediately starts to build our energetic field. Keep this up and over time we become fully integrated beings. No longer living by the hormones of stress, able to respond to the demands of the moment, not future tripping or dreading what is to come, but rather immersed and enjoying the moment so much that all future potentials start to align with the energy of our present moment engagement and enjoyment. This is where healing starts.

The kriya practices of Kundalini yoga work on the whole being, particularly generating and enlivening energy within, directing it from pose to pose, stabilizing it with our attention, creating an integration of mind/body/energy. No wonder we feel SO GOOD. Right after we practice a kriya our energy reflects balance which helps to transform unhelpful mental and emotional patterns. The more we create this balanced field, the more it becomes our normal state. Our life literally begins to change to reflect this new balance in our field. We feel more whole, more content, creative and on point.

Take a moment. Sit down. Ground your energy. Focus on your heart center and begin to take smooth easy deep breaths. Think of something that brings you joy, or of someone or some place that your love. Keep breathing and focusing on your heart center. Notice as your energy begins to change. If you are aware of the subtle you can literally feel energy start to fill your body. Anxiety lessens. We come home to ourselves.

Sit and lengthen your spine. Take a few deep breaths until you feel present. Feel the whole length of your spine from crown to base. Now, inhale and draw energy from deep within the earth below you up to your navel center. Exhale and send the energy up the spine and out through the crown of the heard. Inhale and draw energy in from the crown, down the spine to the navel. Exhale and send the energy from the navel down the spine and deep into the earth. Continue for 5 minutes.

Within the simplicity of these simple techniques lies our secret to breaking the unconscious momentum of stress. Now, add a kriya practice and you are setting yourself up for an entirely different kind of day.

Think of your energy as your broadcast signal. As soon as you clear your energy and raise your frequency you begin to broadcast on a different level. Life begins to show up differently. Opportunities are attracted that reflect your new state. Your interactions become informed by this new frequency. Over time we begin to open to a flow state in all our interactions. Meaning life feels like an easeful flow. Gone is the stress. Gone is the future anxiety. It has been replaced by curiosity, by a sense of adventure.

If we wish to become part of the solution to the issues that face us as individuals and as a society, we must recognize the role stress is playing in our life. We need to apply the tools that allow us to lift ourselves out of our habituated patterns to experience our greater potential.

Instead of filtering our appearance with APPS lets change it from the inside out. Want your skin to glow, your eyes to clear, your heart to truly open – then recognize that this is a frequency game, and you have the tools to elevate yours!