Sending you love, as I embark on my annual journey to India. I am taking three weeks of personal practice, and then receiving two groups. One group will arrive to central India, Khajuraho, the land where 1100-year-old tantric temples stand impressively tall and intact, reminding us of the timeless wisdom tradition that guides us into right relationship with self, other, and life itself.

During this first retreat we will dive into the Shakti Sadhana tradition of kriya, mantra, meditation and connecting to the nourishing energy of the Divine mother. The second group will join me in Rishikesh for a curriculum of practice and study designed to awaken a new level of self-mastery. We will study the Bhagavad Gita with LIVE Satsang from one of my favorite teachers in India, Anand Mehrotra.

This pilgrimage time in India has become a yearly event for both my husband, Tommy Rosen, and I. We love to turn people on to the culture, the history, and of course the powerful yogic teachings that speak to the power and potential within each of us.

Personal practice is my biggest commitment as it is from here that I source energy and clarity for all my endeavors in life. I am so grateful for the years of dedication, of getting up early every day to consciously elevate my energy, work with my mind, and become aware of all the habitual ways I limit myself AND the new ways of thinking, speaking, and acting that are in alignment with who I want to be.

In the beginning I was relying on the guidance of teachers who had experienced states of consciousness that were attractive to me: elevated awareness, compassion, kindness, insight, intuition and of course LOVE. It is one thing to think love and quite another to experience it, not conditional love, but an unconditional expression that sees the oneness and responds to it. These were the guides I sought out.

Now, I have had experiences that have left me with no doubt as to the source of our existence, experiences that have imprinted my mind and heart with gratitude and reverence for life, respect for all those seeking to rise above conditioned thinking and acting, and love for the light of Truth that whispers in a sudden knowing, a synchronicity, a dream, an insight, or mystical experience.

Yoga is so much more than a physical practice, it is an evolutionary way of life that promotes authentic expression, courage, innovation, living from the heart, serving others, and ultimately to embody and express divinity.

The underlying philosophy that supports this is an understanding that there is one creative consciousness permeating all. It is at the core of you, of me, of everyone, and its vibration is love, bliss, and joy. One of the ancient yogic texts the Saundarya Lahari describes the innate expression of the soul as ‘waves of beauty and joy’. The Vedic tradition speaks of it as Sat Chit Anand, meaning Truth, Consciousness, and Bliss.

We are all blessed beyond. No matter the intricacies or challenges of your present-day existence. You are here, you are aware, you have energy, and there is a unique destiny for you, one that reflects a facet of the greater diamond of the collective human experience. We have the capacity to reflect to one another the light of pure consciousness, and love. We have the creativity to solve all the riddles of life, and to preserve this magnificent earth that we call home.

Thank you for being on this path of life with me. Keep up all the good effort of self-refinement and I will see you soon along this beautiful path of yoga.

Infinite Love.