It’s darkest before the dawn. A chill comes into the air before the first glimpse of light appears on the horizon. At that moment a subtle shift happens in the magnetic field of the earth. Indigenous people, yogis and mystics meditate at this sacred time stabilizing within themselves as they greet the power of the sun that heralds in the change from dark to light. This is a powerful time to receive information from your higher self, a time when insights and intuition are high.

As we face these challenging global circumstances we will be better able to serve ourselves and those around us if we can make the time to greet the dawn and stabilize our energy so we can access what Mayan elders speak of as a ‘higher octave’ of consciousness.

On a macro level, the Yôga tradition speaks of our emergence from an age of darkness, the Kali Yuga into a new age of light, the Dwapara Yuga.  Other traditions refer to this as the transition into the Aquarian Age, which brings an awakening of heart consciousness, a time when humanity will once again live in harmony and love.

As we read the news and recognize the huge polarities that exist among us, it seems like we have a long way to go. How can we ever get there? What could possibly happen that could heal generations of pain, separation, war, control and environmental degradation?

The yogic answer to these questions is to raise our consciousness. As Albert Einstein said, “you cannot solve a problem from the state of consciousness from which it was created.”

Just as it is darkest before the dawn, we are experiencing the dark period of transition into a new era. We are witnessing unimaginable events taking place that have ignited great fear and insecurity. The collective pain is palpable. Yet, at the same time, more people are having profound awakenings, experiencing moments of deep transformation and a consciousness shift that alters the way they perceive and interact with life. Fear dissolves into love, unity consciousness arises revealing wholeness within and all around them. This is the higher octave of consciousness, and it corresponds to a shift from ‘me’-based thinking to ‘we’ .

As challenging global events unfold, we each have a choice. What will we give our energy to? Fear, anger, revenge and hatred? or, to healing, compassion and love?

Can we utilize base emotions like anger and fear to motivate us into practice, to commit to being radically self responsible, meaning not waiting for life to change around us, but choosing to change the way we perceive and interact with life.

As long as we hold the consciousness that life is happening ‘to’ us, we are victims to our environment, and other people. As soon as we recognize that life is happening ‘for’ us we can meet the current challenges with the confidence of one who knows that there is an opportunity for growth within the challenge.

Our collective awakening relies on the individual awakening. Each one of us who has been gifted with the privilege and opportunity to practice the science of Yôga or other mind body methodologies must act.

When you get on your mat. Practice Kriya, breath and meditation to elevate your energy. Raise your frequency by opening your heart in gratitude. Infuse yourself and the collective field with love. Tune into the future you, who is free from pain and suffering, awake and conscious.

Feel into the space where collective solutions lie. Actually feel what it is like to live in a world where we as humanity are resonating at the frequency of love, balance and harmony. Hang out there until your body memorizes that state bringing a shift in your physiology and energy.

Now you are living in the new paradigm you have access to the higher consciousness grid. Life starts to happen through you and you begin to live in the solution. To carry this state into conscious every day actions, develop the capacity to listen to, and trust your inner guidance.

Remember we cannot change something from the consciousness state that it was created. The power, the opportunity that you have is to raise your consciousness state so you exist at the level of solutions. Live in love from that space. I can promise that life will begin to show up differently. Your life will change to reflect the work you are doing on the inside.

Enough of us doing this and the collective energy will change.

So, set your alarm to go off 30 mins or more before dawn. Join me for practice- I may not be LIVE with you, but know that I am committed. I am practicing. It is a lifeline for those of us seeking to herald in this new age of consciousness.

Here are some class options for you – a series called ‘Turn Your Love Inward’ that I created specially for this time.