The basic law in life is that we attract what we vibrate. When we are feeling mentally and emotionally down on our self we create circumstances that re-enforce that feeling.

When you want to change your circumstances, change your energy and CONSCIOUSLY CHOOSE thoughts and actions that bring you joy.  See yourself as a magnet attracting more joy and love to you.

You may have heard the saying “worrying is praying for bad things to happen!” Worrying tends to start with a thought and then become empowered by a negative belief, which creates a negative emotional response. These factors create a powerful resonance that attracts more of the same.

When you catch yourself worrying, dwelling in resentment or feelings of ‘not-enough’ make a conscious choice to change your focus to something that you WANT to create, something that is in alignment with your inner self.

A great way to discern when you are in alignment with your inner self is to notice that when you are thinking of things you want to create there is an accompanying energy of joy, inspiration and enthusiasm as long as you don’t block it with ‘yeah but!’ thoughts! If you feel blocked by “yeah but’ thoughts it means you have a limiting belief about yourself or your circumstances, so counter it with an affirmation of the opposite.

A very important aspect of creating the change you wish to see, is that actually in order for things to change, you need to see things as you want them to be, not as they are. If we keep focusing on how things are, we create more of the same and the cycle continues.

My strongest advice is that you use your practice of Yoga to change your energy first thing in the morning. CHOOSE for yourself the energy you want to vibrate for the rest of the day. Don’t let circumstances and habit choose it for you. Do your practice, raise your energy and then sit for about 15 minutes focusing on that which you want to create in your life. Believe in your power to change. See yourself making decisions in alignment with your inner self, see your life filled with people and circumstances that bring you joy.

Any time you find yourself dwelling in old negative self-talk or unhelpful beliefs, change what you are focusing on. If it is hard to make the change, go for a walk, do 3 minutes of Ego Eradicator Pose, or listen to uplifting music and SHIFT YOUR ENERGY.

Remember your life is 100% of your doing. Commit to not blaming others or the circumstances of your life for any of your problems and TAKE CHARGE. It all begins with your mind and energy. This is why the practices of YOGA are so PERFECT for creating an inner shift that then promotes the outer shift.

Practice Practice and all is coming! The practice begins on the mat and then continues throughout the day by being mindful about where you are choosing to place your energy.

Wishing you all that your heart dreams of.

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