This blog is a call to action, inviting YOU to join a growing movement of yogis committed to total transformation.

It is not ‘normal’ that so many people are anxious, depressed, turning to drugs or committing suicide. We may temporarily turn a blind eye because there are more pressing issues at hand, and yet, each of us has the capacity to create change. Collectively we can turn this tide of destruction toward a world reflecting health and balance. However we cannot expect this change to come from technology or those in power, we must STEP UP.

The words of Yogi Bhajan keep coming to mind ” take away the ghosts of your life and stop chasing round. Consolidate. Concentrate. Be you”.

There are now countless webinars, online courses, blogs and websites giving us all the necessary information and intellectual understanding of our global and individual crisis. Yet still we suffer, we commit the same mistakes individually and collectively.

The answer to our dilemma does not lie with more information or greater intellectual understanding. It lies within OUR DIRECT EXPERIENCE of shifting our perception and connecting to a higher reality.

To create this necessary shift we must TAKE ACTION.

The action that is the foundation of all actions is to look within.

For centuries yogis have mapped the inner world with all its complexities. They have offered systematic practices that unhook our feeble minds from the hypnosis of distraction and awaken us to the power and beauty of our inner being.

In a modern culture that is based on materialism, consumption, and surface value living it takes radical individuals with courage and conviction to break the cycle in order to anchor a new reality.

You can make the necessary changes in your life that allow you to explore the inner world of your breath, mind and emotions. Why wait? We have an opportunity to change the collective consciousness from fear to love. It begins with you deciding to relate to, and know yourself at the deepest level.

Here are my suggestions:

Practice Kriya, Pranayama and Mediation on a DAILY basis. WHY? Because kriyas awaken and heighten your energy; pranayama stabilizes it; meditation allows you insight into how your mind works and an opportunity to reprogram it. Done on a daily basis we profoundly shift the way we relate to ourselves and the world thus creating a new personal reality and positively impacting those around us.

Take an immersive experience away from your ‘regular’ life that allows you to reset yourself at a higher frequency and restore your vitality. This is an investment that keeps on giving as the practices learned and the direct experiences you have allow a transfiguration of energy and being.

Take a teacher training so that you can share teachings in your community and help herald in a new era.