How is your relationship with your heart? With your inner Self?

Do you fundamentally trust in yourself and the unfolding of your life?

These are questions that help us to stay in right relationship with our thoughts, words, and actions. If we are lacking trust, or faith in our capacity to change certain situations and circumstances in our life then we can fall into despondency. This might look like negative self-talk, becoming emotionally overwhelmed or numbed by circumstances.

When I look at this through the lens of yoga, I see the importance of being grounded, doing work on our root, sacral and navel chakras. Self-love is impossible to sustain without feeling fundamentally supported and grounded in life. Root chakra practices involve the legs, pelvic floor, core work, taking walks, standing on the earth, or simply slowing down. If our mind is used to racing, just slowing down and bringing our full attention to what we are doing can interrupt the mental disturbance and invite calm. Breathing deeply, finding the pause between the breaths can also enhance this feeling of inner stability.

Sacral practices involve working the hips, inner thighs, lower spine, and lower belly. Learning to place our attention in the navel area and tuning into the feeling of trusting life. Presence is a gift that arises as we lean into trust. If we trust, we can relax. As we relax our nervous system balances, our heart energy becomes more coherent, our brain waves start to slow down, and we can see things differently.

Navel practices involve working the deep core muscles, on the front, back and side body. Navel work activates all the lower chakras, enlivening pranic energy and building inner strength. When our navel is weak, we are easily thrown off center by circumstances and people, we can lack the vital energy to push through the veil of depression and despondency. When strong we feel naturally up to the task of inner and outer transformation.

The lower chakras support the heart center, the seat of love. When grounded in self-trust, and fueled by inner energy, love becomes sustainable. This is the kind of love that allows us to walk through life with confidence and faith in the greater unfolding of events.

Life is happening for us when we live in our heart. Life is happening TO us when we lack faith; not just in life, but in our capacity to overcome the challenges before us.

The effects of heart-based practices are stronger and longer lasting with the power of the lower chakras supporting.

When grounded and centered in love, an understanding arises that challenge builds our resilience, change fosters adaptability, and resistance can be overcome with clarity and purpose.

Yogic and mind/body practices, especially those with the focus given above, are essential to building a healthy, trusting relationship with your Self so you can navigate life with skill and ease.

I have created a new 40-day sadhana on Glo. It is a combination of four classes that are part of my Expand Your Inner Light series. I recommend you do each class for 10 days. The series is active and works the lower chakras and heart energy. Keep your energy flowing, love in your heart and play in the world of possibility!

  1. Ignite Your Navel (60 mins)
  2. Nurture Your Heart (45 mins)
  3. Expand Your Aura (60 mins)
  4. Illuminate Your Mind (45 mins)