Beyond space and time, we are all connected in love – we can feel this as we get quiet and turn our attention inwards. First becoming aware of, and feeling our body, gently expanding our inhale and exhale and sensing into the tenderness of our heart. Then we allow ourselves to open to the source of intelligence within, the all-knowing wisdom and Grace that connects us all in the great field of life.

These are evolving times, that require an evolutionary attitude. One where we sense beneath the ever-changing surface of life events and feel into new possibilities that have their roots in love. When we are living in the hormones of stress, overwhelmed, or simply busy, we find less and less moments of love, we see less possibilities, and fall into the mindset of lack: lack of money, of love, of connection, of wisdom, of creativity. We can feel stuck!

In order to overcome this stuckness we need to engage methodologies that allow us to return to love, that draw us out of the negative sea of the subconscious and carry us to the safe shore of connection to Self, to Source. Here we experience the kind of wholeness that positively affects our entire being. This is the experience that we are unconsciously seeking in our outer activities, only to find that it is within us all along. Our methodology is yoga, breathwork, meditation, mantra, prayer, and heartfelt connection with others.

We are living in a time of deficit that has been created through generations of outward seekers.  The call now is to go within, to create inner wholeness so that every thought, word, and action comes from this place of wholeness and love. Make a ritual of accessing this space every day when you wake up, create supportive rituals that keep the energy alive throughout your day and watch how your life begins to flow in the river of love.

  • Wake up with an elevating practice.
  • Take 3-minute heart focused breath practices throughout the day to support your inner connection. Try the simple technique: Become aware of and feel your body, taking time to ground to earth, sense your whole spine and open up through the crown of your head. Now breathe in for around 6 or 7 seconds, in a smooth comfortable way. The exhale in the same way, about 6-7 seconds. Focus at your heart as you do this, breathing love in, and exhaling any stress or negativity. Keep doing this until you feel a sense of wellbeing and calm. Take a few more breaths focusing on the feeling of gratitude and love. Open your eyes, and BE love.
  • Before sleep do a calming practice that promotes relaxation and a release of any stress of the day.

Infinite gratitude.