This is a crazy time of fear and uncertainty. Many of us are caught in the drama of opposing energies and find ourselves drained of vitality and off-center.

As yogis, thankfully, we have our practice to turn to, which allows us to disengage from the drama, to release the fear, and to hold a neutral space in witness of the whirlwind around us.

The hurricane is there and we cannot stop it, but we can be the calm in its center and wait. When the storm inevitably runs its course, we will have an opportunity to take up the mantle of leadership in small and large ways that are necessary to affect change positively.

As I was sitting in meditation yesterday I perceived myself as a small flame of pure, clear consciousness. I observed my conscious Self, the flame, getting pushed around and bullied by the turbulence of thought: distaste, aversion, preference, longing, fantasy.

One second, I experienced presence, awareness, connection, peace. Next, a powerful wave of mental and/or emotional disturbance clouded my perception and clarity causing the flame to flicker and subside. If you give energy to negativity, it will take you to places you do not want to go.

We see this drama played out in the news right now and we must be vigilant not to add fuel to the flames of confusion and fear. The moment we add energy to a wave of disturbance it threatens to extinguish our presence.

May we lean upon our practice, harness our energy and deflect negativity. May we witness and wait patiently for the time when we can act skillfully. May we be the leaders that our hearts yearn for.