Meditation & The Mind: Awakening Our Spiritual Heart

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“By mastering your mind you can master your life.”

– Guru Nanak

This 60-hour training offers an in-depth look at the yogic model of the mind and the practice and application of meditation. The yoga tradition emphasizes that learning to be still and calm is a universal requirement for the human being. Our normal state of agitation and unrest does not allow us to experience our underlying nature of immense joy and happiness. This joy exists in the present moment once we have learned to release the mind from its tendency to dwell in grooves of its old habit patterns, or imaginations of the future.

The purpose of this immersion is to light the fire of your inner inquiry, to help you establish and deepen a meditation practice, overcome inner resistance, and discover the joy and infinite opportunities that exist when you gain access to the higher mind. Become more skillful in decision making. Awaken to higher wisdom and creativity. Learn a variety of meditation techniques and their purpose. Apply these ideas and principles of mediation in your own practice, life and teaching.


  • Experience a variety of meditations learning their purpose and application.
  • Establish and/or deepen your personal meditation practice.
  • Develop an ability to access greater states of clarity, awareness and bliss.
  • Navigate your inner and outer worlds with skill and grace.
  • Overcome inner resistance.
  • Gain profound intuitive wisdom and genuine creativity.
  • Apply meditation in your own life and teaching.


Anyone who desires to learn to meditate, deepen your practice and help others do the same.

Those seeking to understand themselves at the deepest level.

Students taking this course will learn tools to calm the mind and experience the power of awakened awareness.

Teachers at all levels will find that this course provides the necessary elements to support their personal and spiritual development and to increase their skill and effectiveness in working with students.

Anyone with a dedicated yoga practice and sincere desire to learn and grow is welcome.


Our advanced training modules can be adapted to your needs and time frame.

Take them to simply deepen your practice, or as Continuing Education Credits or work towards your 300-HR certificate as intensely or as gradually as it suits your schedule and skills.

Those seeking a 300-HR Yoga Alliance registered certification must have a 200-HR certificate with RBY or any other registered school and are required to take all 5 modules. There is no time limit. Once all modules are completed you will be able to register with Yoga Alliance at the RYT-500 level.

These 60-hour modules are open to all yoga students who are interested in further study even if they don’t intend to complete a 300-hour certification.

Please Note: All 6 Radiant Body Yoga modules can be taken in any order as part of the Radiant Body Yoga 300-HR Teacher Training or separately as desired.

This course is open to all serious practitioners and those wanting a 300-HR certification.

Meditation is the royal road to understanding your mind and cycles of thinking.

Through the practices of meditation we develop an ability to concentrate and penetrate beneath the surface thoughts into greater states of awareness and bliss. The true aim of meditation practices is to induce the spontaneous state of meditation. As a practice, meditation can be used to train the mind, to allow neutrality in the face of any circumstances, and to attain certain states of consciousness.

Meditation has been practiced in many sacred traditions, but also it has become very rooted and proven in secular applications without the necessity of one particular philosophy or religion. All meditation traditions seek to help students know their innermost nature.

Meditation carries different meaning in different contexts. In classical and Kundalini yoga, meditation is a process that brings us into relationship with ourselves, and helps us to build a bridge between the outer and inner worlds. The true fruits of life begin to ripen when we learn to be still, when we gain control of our thoughts, sensations, emotions, and urges. We learn to cultivate our discriminative power that enables us to navigate both our inner and outer world with skill and grace.

In the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali, meditation is described as the controlling of the thought waves of mind in order to sit established in our own ‘self essence.’ This self-essence is often referred to as our spiritual heart, or center of oneness. It is here we recognize what the Vedic Sages called ‘Tat Tvam Asi’ which translates as ‘The Ultimate Reality is you’, or ‘thou art thou’.

Themes Covered:

  • Why meditate? The goal of meditation.
  • The purpose and function of the mind, and consciousness from a yogic perspective
  • Cutting through the hypnotic hold of repetitive thought
  • Dedicated devotion – training the mind to be one pointed (samyama)
  • Developing Intuition and the flow of meditative mind
  • The five efforts and commitments (or principles) that support meditation
  • The stages of meditation
  • Explore the variety of meditations and their purpose
  • Scientific studies on the effectiveness of meditation



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Next Training Date TBD

All payments are final. No refunds except in case of medical emergency. Payment plans are available by special request, but payment must be received in full before the program starts.

I signed up to Kia’s training because I wanted to learn from a teacher that will equip me to teach in these modern times. Kia’s understanding and passion for yoga coupled with an extensive and well structured course has changed my life and elevated me to new heights. Kia is such a warm and beautiful human being, you are in such safe hands for your education and personal growth. I proudly call her my teacher and wholeheartedly encourage any budding yogi with a desire to teach, to take their practice to the next level and their personal growth to the next level to take the opportunity. It has been and will continue to be the most prolific turning point in my life. I respect Kia for her ability to raise her student’s consciousness bringing Light to the darkness and returning us to the Radiant Souls we are.

– Lucy

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