Kriya, Flow & The Art of Teaching

“Kriya yoga is in itself a means. It is designed to illuminate and flood the understanding of the practitioner so that you remove all misconceptions, clean the mind and re-identify yourself with the deeper nature.”
– Sri Swami Satchidananda

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Kriyas are yoga sets combining posture, breath, mantra, mudra and internal focus. The yogic practice of kriya is designed to awaken us into our highest potential. To engage in kriya is to take an action which supports your personal development and spiritual evolution.

Kriya is one of the most important practices for our time. It helps to cut through fear and negativity. It is a vehicle for profound transformation. Kriya literally means “right action”.

This 60-HR course presents the practices, principles and philosophies that lead to right action.

Kriyas can be practiced alone, or incorporated into regular classes. When we practice kriya we open to deep levels of presence and relaxation. In this state we access higher awareness and connection to our authentic Self, which is connected to all.

Kriya creates lasting transformational experiences and the ability of the teacher to act from a greater sense of Self with developed sensivity and presence.

In this course you will explore the role of a teacher as a catalyst for transformational experiences, and the capacity of the teacher to act from a greater sense of self.

This is an invitation to move beyond unconscious patterns and to emerge radiant and present to your uniqueness as an individual and teacher.


  • Understand the structure and mechanism of kriya
  • Explore a variety of kriyas and their purpose
  • Explore the relationship of kriya, student, teacher and underlying Truth
  • Deepen your effectiveness and presence as a human being and teacher
  • Understand the shadow and ways to stay alert to your tendencies
  • Understand teacher as a guide to the ONE in many.
  • Apply the ideas and principles of kriya and flow into our own practice, life and teaching.


This course is not limited to teachers. It is for anyone wanting to understand the science behind how kriyas work, and how to make them effective.

It is for those interested in deepening their yoga practice and taking their understanding of working with energy, mantra, bandha and mudra to the next level.

For those wanting to integrate kriyas into your practice and teaching. Ultimately this course is important to those who want to learn how to use yoga to transform their life and the lives of their students.

Teachers at all levels will find that this course provides the necessary elements to support their personal and spiritual development and to increase their skill and effectiveness in working with students.

Anyone with a dedicated yoga practice and sincere desire to learn and grow is welcome.

Please Note: All 6 Radiant Body Yoga modules can be taken in any order as part of the Radiant Body Yoga 300-HR Teacher Training or separately as desired.

This course is open to all serious practitioners and those wanting a 300 Hr certification.


  • Different types of kriya and their purpose
  • The unique impact of kriya as practiced in Kundalini Yoga Kriya as a practice to consciously encounter your ego and habits Establishing a relationship between you and you
  • Kriya and the subtle energy of the chakras
  • Cultivating a state of kriya – teaching from that place
  • Virtues and vices – how to deal with shadow.
  • Cultivating the ability to be self-reflective and self-corrective
  • Exploring practices, meditations, and exercises for developing more authenticity and wholeness as a teacher
  • Teacher as a transformational experience catalyst.
  • Integrating kriya into your teaching and life


DATES: July 10 – 17 with a welcome circle on July 9 at either 9am or 4pm PT.

Day 1 – 8  All times are in Pacific Time
1 hr                   Morning Sadhana (prerecorded)
9am-12pm      LIVE Lecture and Yoga Class
4pm-6pm        LIVE Lecture and Afternoon workshop
12 hrs of home study

All LIVE lectures are recorded and will be posted to the portal within 4 hours of sessions completion. We are happy to accommodate students from any time zone within the course.

Course includes a 90 Day Committed 31 minute Sadhana.

CLICK HERE FOR THE INFORMATIONAL PDF with details about the schedule and more!


$900 *Early Bird Price* ends on June 10th

Full price $1,100

All payments are final. No refunds except in case of medical emergency. Payment plans are available by special request, but payment must be received in full before the program starts.

Next Training Date

Next Training Date TBD

All payments are final. No refunds except in case of medical emergency. Payment plans are available by special request, but payment must be received in full before the program starts.

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“Not only does Kia have a deep knowledge base of Yoga, she truly was an inspiring teacher! I feel so fortunate to have experienced this training with her as our mentor and guide on this journey!”

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