Awareness & Lifestyle: Cultivating Self-Mastery

March 14-21, 2024

This 60-hour course, designed to help you develop effectiveness in every area of life, is for yogis interested in leadership, self-mastery and skill in action.

You will learn and experience powerful practices coupled with timeless wisdom teachings to in-crease awareness and step into your next level of mastery. You will also develop and maintain a personal sadhana practice designed for your needs at this moment in your life. This practice can form the cornerstone of an extraordinary life.

Using the Bhagavad Gita as a guide, we will explore the powerful concept of Dharma (your unique path) as it relates to your intentions, decisions, relationships and life. This is one of the central texts of the yoga tradition and is as relevant to these times as the era in which it was written thousands of years ago. This is an invitation to build your awareness and walk your path of destiny as a teacher and leader.

“Establish yourself in yoga and then then take radical action.”

– Krishna in Bhagavad Gita



  • Awaken greater awareness through the practice of specific kriyas, pranayama and meditations
  • Increase awareness of self in relation to inner patterns, habits, relationships and work at large
  • Identify your commitments and passions – what you are teaching and modeling for others
  • Develop knowledge, skills and perspectives to effectively take your yoga off the mat and into the world
  • Refine your natural leadership qualities
  • Create a sadhana practice designed to effectively cut through old unconscious momentum and build your presence and capacity to thrive in all areas.
  • Apply a newfound awareness to your practice, lifestyle, conscious actions, teaching and ability to positively impact others


Yoga teachers.

Devoted practitioners of yoga.

Those interested in learning how to live yoga.

Teachers at all levels will find that this course provides the necessary elements to support their personal and spiritual development and to increase their skill and effectiveness in working with students.

Anyone with a dedicated yoga practice and sincere desire to learn and grow is welcome.

Please Note: All 6 Radiant Body Yoga modules can be taken in any order as part of the Radiant Body Yoga 300HR Teacher Training or separately as desired.

This course is open to all serious practitioners and those wanting a 300HR certification.

Themes Covered:

  • Understand your habits – supportive, promoting and demoting. Consciously create positive habits that align with your heart and service in the world
  • Explore the principles of: Living it, loving it, leading it
  • LIVING IT: Living with Authenticity – explore your own moral code: beliefs, values and purpose in behavior to self and others
  • LOVING IT: Identify your commitments and passions. Define or refine your mission statement – Where do you want to make a difference
  • LEADING IT: Refine your natural leadership qualities. Making an impact: off the mat and into the world. Balance between individual responsibility and community
  • INCREASING AWARENESS: Explore powerful practices to move through blocks and increase awareness, presence and magnetism
  • Explore your ability to create an impact through development of personal presence






$2,222 – EARLY BIRD

(ends November 1st, 2023)


Next Training Date

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All payments are final. No refunds except in case of medical emergency. Payment plans are available by special request, but payment must be received in full before the program starts.

I signed up to Kia’s training because I wanted to learn from a teacher that will equip me to teach in these modern times. Kia’s understanding and passion for yoga coupled with an extensive and well structured course has changed my life and elevated me to new heights. It has been and will continue to be the most prolific turning point in my life. I respect Kia for her ability to raise her student’s consciousness bringing Light to the darkness and returning us to the Radiant Souls we are.

— Lucy

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