This 60-hour certification course offers an in-depth look at the power and practice of mantra and Naad Yoga. Participants will explore the different levels of listening, speech, chanting and the experience delivered through various mantras. They will learn how to integrate them into their own practice and how to share these practices with their students.

Pay a deposit of $300.00 per item


“Mantra means anything that makes the mind steady. Whatever vibration makes the mind one-pointed and creates a sort of receptivity is a mantra.”

– Sri Swami Satchidananda

“Mantra” commonly refers to a word or phrase often repeated for self- motivation, or to express one’s basic beliefs. In the path of yoga, mantras are seen as words of power that hold energy, intention, and the promise of transformation. Mantra and listening practices are central to all yogic traditions. In Sanskrit man means mind and trang refers to a wave or projection. Therefore mantra is often described as a creative projection of the mind through sound.


Please arrive the day before the training to allow yourself space to get grounded and settled for the upcoming module. The training is typically finished in the afternoon on the last day of the module.


Pay in full before January 27th 2019 for the early bird price of $900. After January 27th, the cost will increase to $1150.

Please note that all payments are final and we are unable to offer refunds except in a medical emergency.


Our Advanced Training modules can be adapted to your needs and time frame. Take them to simply deepen your practice, or as Continuing Education Credits or work towards your 300- HR certificate as intensely or as gradually (up to 3 years) as it suits your schedule and skills.

Those seeking a 300 hr Yoga Alliance registered certification must have a 200-hour certificate with RBY or any other registered school and are required to take all 5 modules. There is no time limit. Once all modules are completed you will be able to register with Yoga Alliance at the RYT-500 level.

These 60-hour modules are open to all yoga students who are interested in further study even if they don’t intend to complete a 300-hour certification (3 years of practice required).

Course Goals

  • Intro to Mantra and Naad Yoga
  • Explore the science of sound
  • Use mantra as a tool to calm the mind and make it one-pointed
  • The relationship between sound and silence
  • Understand the structure of various mantras and what makes them effective
  • Explore the power of words, tone and underlying intention
  • Using your voice and body like a musical instrument: the relationship between the navel, breath, voice, mind and heart
  • Experience the different levels of listening and chanting
  • Experience a variety of mantras and discover their effect
  • Apply the practice of mantra in our life and classes
  • How to lead mantras with a group and different ways to use mantra in your class
  • Create a home mantra practice


Founded by John Lightfoot, Goorus Yoga is the only dedicated yoga studio in Pacific Palisades.

Goorus Yoga Studio interior

goorus, 15327 Sunset Blvd, Pacific Palisades, CA, 90272, USA

See the Goorus website for more location and parking information.

Please note that this is not a residential facility. Meals and accommodations are not including in the cost of this training.


Do I have to be a teacher to attend these training modules?

No, you do not have to be a teacher. Everyone is welcome. These modules are designed to deepen your experience of yoga as a practitioner, to develop your radiance and presence as a human being, and to provide more tools for sharing the practice with others.
There will be suggested reading for each program that will support the material covered.

Can I apply a 200-Hr from another school of yoga?

We will accept all applicants of registered Yoga Alliance 200-Hr trainings. We carefully select our teachers in training so that they are prepared for the curriculum. Depending on the nature of the yoga school you attended you may be given extra study to do in order to be up to speed with the material covered in these modules.

What are the prerequisites for attending this training?

If you are doing this to deepen your understanding and practice of yoga you must have a regular asana practice, a thirst to know more, and a commitment to do the work entailed. If you are doing this as a 300-hr certification you need to hold a 200-hr certificate.

If I have no intention of teaching, how will I benefit?

Any serious practitioner of yoga can benefit immensely from taking these modules. They offer a deeper look at the subtle and transformational practices of yoga like pranayama, meditation, kriya, kundalini, lifestyle and leadership choices. You will develop the capacity and commitment to integrate these teachings into your own practice and life. You will have an opportunity to connect to yourself at a deeper level, to evaluate what is important to you, to build your radiance and projection through embodying the practices, and develop your ability to positively impact others.

How will I know if I am accepted into the program?

Within two weeks of filling out your application you will hear back from us.

How long will it take to complete the RBY 300-Hr modules?

You can complete the program at your own pace and based on your particular interests. The modules are offered in various locations every 12-18 months. It is recommended that you space them out to allow for full integration of the materials covered.

What others are saying about training with Kia!

Not only does Kia have a deep knowledge base of Yoga, she truly was an inspiring teacher! I feel so fortunate to have experienced this training with her as our mentor and guide on this journey!

Stacey, Simi Valley, California

Kia has an incredible knowledge of the yoga asanas, but more impressive is her understanding of the spiritual side of yoga. She has the capacity to bring students out of their heads and into the studio with ease.

Victoria Theisen

The Radiant Body Yoga Teacher Training in India was more than just a 200 hour teacher training, it was a life changing experience.  Kia’s passion for yoga is infectious. Her approach of masterfully combining the physical and more subtle elements of yoga is potent and creates a powerful practice. She is an incredible person to have learned from.

Julianne F.

The knowledge Kia brings to the training program is profound and in-depth. Her loving gentle nature makes every asana practice a real yogic experience.

Jody Brown

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