There is so much awareness building in the greater community of Truth seekers about what it takes in order to detangle from the conditioning of our past and create a new identity that better serves our soul and destiny. We are aware of the problems that continue to arise in our lives when we think, feel, and act from the conditioning of our past. These are the kind of problems that are cyclical, that we can often write off as “This is just how I am.”

Conditioning can be so thick that it is hard to see beyond it or imagine that we can be a different way. In these situations, it takes a huge effort to break free, to glimpse a new possibility. It may come in for the form of an accident, a disease, a loss of a loved one, OR we can work toward that possibility with a methodology that allows us to slowly unveil ourselves from all our misconceptions, our misunderstandings, our mistakes, and suffering. There is a great saying: Where we place our attention is where we place our energy.”

Where we place our energy is what we are empowering in the moment. If we want to create change, we need to not only be conscious about where we are placing our energy, but also to hold a strong intention. For example, we can imagine a future where we feel free and happy, this placement of attention takes our mind out of the past, however, to empower that future we must bring in our intention to feel the energy of it. The feeling empowers the vision and our body chemistry starts to reflect that future. The longer we can hold this state, the more conditioned we become to ‘it’ rather than the past, the more likely we are to sustain this state and therefore call-in new possibilities and opportunities that reflect this new energy. We are all extraordinary creators. We are creating in every moment by how we think and feel.

If we are stuck in the negativity or limitations of our past identity, we keep creating more of the same. This is what yoga calls karma – we get stuck in a never-ending cycle of cause and effect. If we make a conscious choice to place our attention and energy on a vision of our future, we start attracting people, places and things into our lives that reflect our new energy. We start to feel that life is happening through us, not to us. WOW, now we begin to recognize just how powerful we are! When we sit in the inner seat of conscious awareness we see that all the events of our past brought us to this position so that we could see clearly, so that we could take responsibility for who we are and how we are choosing to show up in the world.

So, the next time you find yourself complaining or blaming, you know you have once again fallen into the seat of feeling victimized by life, you are under the influence of your past conditioning. Try this:

  1. Take a few breaths. Regroup.
  2. Re-focus on your vision of the future and empower it will all your intention and attention.
  3. Empower it with the feelings of love, or joy, of power that your future brings.

This is your ticket to freedom. This is the way to break free from the never-ending cycles of generational suffering, cultural unconsciousness, or traumatic experiences that have negatively defined who we are and how we walk in the world.

Let 2023 be the year that you chose to break free!

If we are not living in awareness, then we are living in unconsciousness. This unconsciousness is at the root of all human suffering, and the reason why we continue to inflict suffering on one another. Choose to live a new way and empower a new paradigm of conscious expression, of evolutionary leadership, of innovative problem solving, and self-governorship.